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Digitally printed banners

Promote your business and events using our digitally printed banners. Our design team will create you an eye-catching design to suit your needs. Perfect for outdoor use. Can be printed onto windproof material if required.

Want to know more?

Banners are perfect for temporary signs, promotional signs or even as cost effective signage until you have made a permanent mark in your business. Whatever your needs we can provide you with the perfect banner solution for your business.

We pride ourselves on our current designs and our ability to give you exactly what you want. We supply different grades of banner material to suit your needs:

  • Budget material
  • Standard material
  • Mesh canvas
  • Blackout material

As its name suggests ‘budget material’ is ideal for the smaller budget and perfect for temporary banners. It can be used indoor and out for your one-off events and promotions.

‘Standard material’ is much studier than the budget vinyl and will be great for longer promotions. Like the budget vinyl; can be used indoor and out, can be digital printed

The ‘mesh material’ is used for banners that will be exposed to windy conditions. The tiny holes stop the banner from being taken by the wind.

The ‘blackout material’ is used when the banner will be displayed in a place where it can be viewed from all angles. The ‘blackout material’ stops light from coming through the material so the colours and print will always look vibrant and fresh.

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From Our Social Media Feeds